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Before going out of town I stopped into my local Verizon wireless store located on Oracle in Tucson, AZ to ask about service while I was gone. I told the rep in the store I was going to Whistler, BC and wanted to know if I have coverage in that area and if roaming charges would apply. I was very specific as I did not want any additional charges to my bill. The rep took me to a computer he looked up my account and said ” Yes sir you have coverage in that area and no, there wont be roaming charges for that”. I said “ok I just wanted to make sure because I dont want to be charged extra, I can get a calling card if so”. The rep repeated, “no sir your good to go, no charges for that, your covered in there”. I came back home a when I received the bill sure enough there were roaming charges to a total of over $250! I called Verizon immediately and talked to a supervisor explained everything to her and she said sorry, cant do anything for you, dosent look like the rep even looked up your account to check coverage. She also told me that if the rep did he would have seen that I was not covered and should have offered me additional coverage for that area for $60/mo., which of course I would have done. Now I have to pay for their mistake and because of the timing my family will not have Christmas this year as usual, very dissapionted they are understandably. I will not renew my contract with Verizon and will also let everyone I know what happen to us. This is due to lack of training, poor customer service and false information, all of which falls on them. Even when you do the right thing as a consumer, Verizon made me pay for their mistake.

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