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Victoria Wagner – North Royalton OhioI dated this girl for a month named Victoria Wagner. We had went on numerous dates, I’m talking 4-5 days a week we were together. When we weren’t together we constantly texted and talked on the phone 5, 6, 7 times a day for long periods of time. It was the type of relationship where she would text me good morning baby and goodnight my man. We were intimate on numerous occasion, kissed constantly, and were a perfect couple. She even told me she was in love with me. She seemed like the perfect dream girl. Boy was I wrong. She should get an Oscar for being the person I fell in love with.She left for a vacation with her mom to Georgia and that’s when the truth came out. A girl from there added me and Victoria freaked out and told me she was a horrible person who is drama and to please please delete her. So I did so as I believed her. An hour later I receive a friend request on facebook from a guy. He told me you know I’m her bf right? I reply with you know we have been sleeping together and dating for over a month right? Long sort short she calls me with him. Says Joe you know Sean is my boyfriend! You are a complete liar we have never slept together or been dating or anything. When I confronted the situation with text and visual and voicemails as my proof, she freaked out and hung up on me. Mind you, I never knew of this guy. She told me I was the only man in her life and that she was so in love with me. I am just in shock someone could do that to another human being. Nobody should ever give her that chance again.All in all she is a complete liar and a cheat. She can act like the perfect girl only to find you’re not the only one. Do not trust her. She will use you.

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