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Visionworks Review

I knew I was due for my Eye exam and new glasses. Having recently retired to Florida, went to Visionworks because of their ad for two pairs of bifocals for $149. I have been wearing glasses for over 40 years. The Doctor proceeded with the exam, Visual, dilated my eyes, etc. He told me the BEST vision he could get for me was 20/40 in one eye and 20/25 in the other. He also told me he thought I showed evidence of Macular degeneration and the beginnings of cataracts. Scaring the hell out of me, [you go blind from macular degeneration!]. He had some cards from a specialist and gave me one.After he had concluded his exam, I put on my old glasses and was able to read the eyechart on the wall, the 20/20 line was fuzzy but I could read it, squinting. With those vision problems on my mind, I went home and hadnightmares of blindness, The following day, rather than calling the specialist, I called another vision center, I wanted a second opinion. The Lady Doctor at the eye care center, got my vision to 20/20 in my right eye and 20/10 in the left, Taking alot longer with her exam than the other Doctor did. She also dialated my eyes and examined them. She found NO evidence of cataracts or macular degenration. I had told her of the other Drs findings, she went so far as to have her Partner [another doctor] come in and examine me also. I went back to Visonworks with the new prescrption. The Mgr was professional and said he would grind one pair to the new orders, if that was right, then he would grind the other lenses. The Mgr and staff were professional, My complaint regards the Dr and the huge scare he gave. Wonder how many others might just think “”Well, I am getting older and my eyes are getting weaker”‘ and not go for a second opinion? The Doctor put a huge fear of blindness on me, heart pounding, sick to my stomach, imagine how YOU would feel if you thought you might be going blind…….. this is opinion on my part…[ fear sells]

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