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As you read the following. Keep in mind that this was my family’s only vehicle. I have 3 kids and my wife is pregnant with number 4. I live in Lexington TN, if you try and look up an OB/GYN here you will not find one. The nearest one is 40 minutes away in another town, and Wal-Mart made it impossible to get my wife to the doctor or hospital, and they did not care. Regardless of all the facts I faxed to them, they could have cared less.Here is my story….. I have a 2002 Chevy Avalanche and I have been taking it to Wal Mart to get service since December of 2005. Everytime I’ve had my oil changed, they noted on their documents that my rear differential fluid was fine. 2 months ago I started hearing a roaring sound from my truck. I took it to a service center (Not Wal Mart) and they informed me that I only had 1/2 a quart of differential fluid. It holds 2 1/2 quarts. They also informed me that I had no leak, and they asked me if Wal-Mart had serviced my truck. The mechanic said that he noticed a blue mark on my rear end that denoted that Wal-Mart had checked my truck, but he informed me that with no leaks THERE IS NOW WAY TO LOSE 2 QUARTS OF FLUID WITH NO LEAK. He said Wal Mart must have not checked it. So I went straight from that shop to Wal-Mart. When I arrived at Wal-Mart I informed the service center manager of what had happend. He turned my claim over to CMI (Claims Management Inc.). They handle all of Wa-Marts claims. It took a week for CMI to contact me, and they did that by a letter. THE DATE OF MY LAST SERVICE WAS 3 MONTHS AND 3 DAYS FROM THE DATE THAT I FILLED MY CLAIM. They told me to take my truck to an ASE certified technician and have him write a report. The said if the report showed “reasonable and causual cause that Wal-Mart cause damage” then they would pay for it. By this time my truck was not able to be driven. But I risked life and limb and rolled it to an ASE certified technician. Ironcally, the technician handled all of Wal-Marts jobs. He said that “they all the time bring cars to him that they have either stripped oil plugs outor messed up serverlly”. He took apart my truck, and gave an honest opionion. He said that the damage to my rear end was caused by not having any fluid. He also said that I had no leaks. The estimate to repair my truck was $2312.42. I faxed his report, along with the bill from the first service center that said that he had to put 2 quarts if fluid into my truck. The bill was dated the same day I filed my claim. Both mechanics said that I had no leaks. Should be an easy claim right? NOPE WAL-MART DENIED MY CLAIM BEACUSE THE SERVICE CENTER WORKER SAID THAT HE CHECKED MY FLUID. Even though I had my last service job done at Wal-Mart only 3 months and 3 days before, even though I had no leaks, and even though my truck had been to two mechanics, 1 of which wrote me a bill to fill my truck with fluid on the smae day I made my claim, Wal-Mart denied my claim. The CMI rep Marlon French was very rude, and they did not care about my family or me. He didnt care that I couldnt get my wife to the doctor, he didnt care that my family depended on this truck, he didnt care that I had no way to work. Just becuase the Wal-Mart worker wrote down that he checked it, that was good ebough to deny my claim. I’m not here to get Wal-Mart back. I am here to save anybody that is getting their service work done at Wal-Mart from getting screwed. They are a major scam, and they dont care if you have had 5 oil changes or 50, THEY WILL NOT STAND BEHIND THIER WORK. Please do not go there. If you suspect foul play, take a 3rd party mechanic to Wal-Mart and make them check your vehicle in front of you and them. If they refuse call the cops, because they make great witnesses in court. ChontayLexington, Tennessee U.S.A.

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