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Wal-Mart Supercenter Review

I had been working for Wal-Mart for a short time and I was working on the Day after Thanksgiving Sale in Electronics. I watched my boyfriend’s mother arrive there and stand in line for a camera in the Photo area (which is right next to Electronics). I then left my post in order to ask anyone if they needed help throughout the line and I made my way to Layaway with her. The line was huge so I left, but I was there when she made the transaction. She placed a LARGE amount of items into Layaway under her name along with MANY other people. She specifically had them place the camera into a box with specific items because they were a gift for someone else. A month or so later, when she had finally paid everything and went to retrieve her items, she got them all and placed the box “with the camera” in it in the garage. When the time finally rolled around to give the item away, she opened the box, and lo and behold: No camera. She immediately found her reciepts and had her husband go speak with Wal-Mart. They denied any knowledge of this and were very rude, condescending, and uncooperative. We paid Wal-Mart a large amount of money and they totally ripped us off. My boyfriend’s mother was really upset about it, and Wal-Mart didn’t care because they made bank on the deal. Either someone who works there wanted the item and ran off with it, or they put it back on the shelf and made double profits on it. 🙁 JeannieHermiston, Oregon U.S.A.

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