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wells fargo mortgage/refinance Review

I contacted Wells Fargo to remod my home mortagage. They said they had a few questions about why and the hardship I was facing. Told them that in the last 5 years my income was cut almost in half, due to the economical disaster the banks (you guys) put the American economy in. And the medical expenses that I cant pay and cant aford health benefits. I have de-generative arthritis. They took my info and said that I pre-qualified. They rep then said they were sending me a packet to show my income and show my hardship. I waited 2 weeks after sending all info to them. They said that they never recieved anything and my file is empty. They question they info I sent them and the form thier rep sent to me, and established that these were the wrong forms. They were sending me a another packet and did the same thing and got all info back to them. Another 3 weeks into this they called me stating that some of the info neede was not with my file. The rep then told me what else was needed and sent everything back to them. 3 weeks later they still needed more info on my hardship. Medical bills and loss of income were re-sent again. I have 3 cervics in my neck that need to be taken out and fused together. But I do not have any insurance to cover any of the bills. mind you we are going on 4 months for this process. I waited another 2 weeks and got a call from the rep again to be told that I was not approved because I had a surplus of 600.00 dollars per month. I question her on how they came up with that. She send the underwriters go by NET INCOME. Money that I pay in to the IRS. Money that never reaches my bank account. Spoke the reps manager and he told me that maybe I should not be working and to be placed on disability. Asked who was going to pay my mortgage, and he said thats not my problem to call social security. I have stayed current on my mortgage by working 60 hrs/ week. But again I am 50 years old and wouldnt be able to find a job right now with the economy and my physical diability makes it even more difficult. We all know thats how U.S. got into this mess with insurance fraud and welfare. So at this point the only thing is work my self to death to pay my mortgage. What dream to own your own home. I been in my home for 18 yrs. I think this is probably my last year. What happened to work hard play hard American Dream is lost…

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