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I met William Cardenas on an online dating site in June of 2019. He claimed to be an Army Ranger (verified lie) waiting on a settlement for medical malpractice. He also claimed to be a God fearing man who used my faith as a way to manipulate me. After just a couple of weeks he told me he needed to stay with me after a fight with his family (after all I was all he had in Arizona and he was only here for me). Living together before marriage was against my religious beliefs, but he guilted me into letting him stay since he had to choose between myself and his family and he choose me. The fact that he had no home or car at 31 rose a red flag, but he justified it by claiming he left his car and everything behind for his infant child. When he went to get financing to make a purchase he did not qualify and he then justified his bad credit by claiming that it was because he had used his credit to purchase a vehicle for a previous girlfriend to help her get to and from college (all of these claims have been verified to be false). He claimed to be a kind and generous man who had been victimized because of his big heart. When I would ask question to try and find clarity on some unsettling facts he would become aggressive and begin belittling me. Often times I would just surrender my concerns, not having the energy for yet another fight. Although, I quit communicating my concerns with him I continued to do my research. Early on in our brief 5 month relationship I was warned by a previous victim about his scam, but being a professional he quickly discredit the source as a vindictive ex who wanted him back, once confronted his demeanor changed and I realized something was not right. He quickly went from the nicest most loving guy in the world to a monster. He began calling me names and constantly putting me down. Know this behavior was not healthy or acceptable I would confront him but the blame always came back to me. He would tell me I was emotionally unstable and unwilling to compromise to be in a relationship. At the time I was in a vulnerable place in my life and he had convinced me that maybe I was the problem. As I begun to heal from my recent crisis I realized that the issue was not me, but at this point William had already begun to try and take over my life and he refused to leave. He continued to psychologically and verbally abuse me, manipulated me, and tried to take advantage of my fiancés.I spent more time trying to strategically plot my way out of the relationship than I spent enjoying this new romance. I realized how mentally ill he was and with thousands of dollars on the line I could take no more and demanded he leave once and for all, he then attempted suicide in my home in front of my severally disabled child. Knowing that he was emotionally unstable and a threat to my child and myself I through him out and called the police. He did got to a mental health facility, but convinced the doctors that his suicide attempt was a direct result of a combination of drugs prescribe in error by the Veterans Hospital. Once I got him out of my life he continued to stalk me, begging me back and when that did not work he went to my places of business spreading awful lies and rumors about me. On his way out he stole my jewelry and tried to fraudulently get my $15,000 car transferred to his name without paying for it. At that point I reached out to the woman I thought to be the women who tried to warn me. I was scared for the safety of my child and myself and wanted to know more about what this man might be capable of. It was then I uncovered a number of victims all with similar experiences. All of the previous victims has been too scared to speak out or contact the authorities my background check on him came back clean. Although William claims to all of the women that he has never previously dated online or proposed to any other woman, this seems to be part of his pattern. All of the women I have spoken to have been abused by him in some form. He has lied about his true identity and mental status to gain their trust and once he is in their home the nightmare begins. He rearranged my entire home which I thought was part of his control issue, but I know believe it is to explain the missing items he steals away and take away the sense of comfort you feel in your home. He has proposed to all of the victims and also attempted suicide with all of the victims as a manipulation tactic when they have tried to leave. He has left a path of destruction behind him tormenting women and taking advantage of them. He has extorted money and used his claimed military status to intimidate these women into not reaching out to the authorities. He has also threatened numerous women with involving Child Protective Services if they do not comply with his demands. Another part of his psychological game is to claim to be a child abuse victim. I have confirmed with his family that these allegations are false and just another tactic he uses to take advantage of women. When he becomes abuse he cries about his childhood and uses his upbringing as an excuse for his abusive behavior. From all the evidence I have collected I have compiled a three year time line. His pattern is as follows:· He claims some kind of illness; cancer, crones disease, or an injury from falling out of a helicopter while serving our country. (all verified lies)· He moves extremely fast claiming to have found his soul mate and convincing the women of the same. He proposes and moves in to the women’s home using her car, resources, and money.· When the women identify his abusive behaviors and attempts to advocate for herself he then attempts suicide.· When that does not work he moves on to the next victim leaving debt and often stealing belongings on his way out. For two of the victims it was thousands of dollars in jewelry.· He always reaches back out to previous victims swearing, God has changed him once his new victim uncovers his dark side.After I cut him off completely and blocked him from my phone and social media he quickly moved on to his next victim.I have found fourteen different facebooks and four different email addresses he has used over the years. He just starts over every time he jumps relationships. He even passive aggressively threatens to interfere with my disabled child’s guardianship case if I do not allow him to keep the car I paid for.https://www.google.com/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=+%E2%80%9CRecon+Ranger+11BV6B%E2%80%9D++

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